Venue: Council Chamber, County Hall, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

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Initial Business


Confirmation of Minutes

a)    Minutes of County Council meeting held on 9 September 2019

b)    Minutes of Special County Council meeting held on 30 September 2019

(circulated herewith)


Casual Vacancy due to the passing of Councillor J. Bailey

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Chief Executive’s Business for Decision (Reserved Functions)


Conferences and Training for Councillors in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001 as amended by Sections 53 (2) of the Local Government Reform Act 2014

in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001 as amended by Sections 53 (2) of the Local Government Reform Act 2014.


Conferences and Training for Councillors in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001 as amended by Sections 53 (2) of the Local Government Reform Act 2014


Approval of Nominations for Conferences and Training Courses


Conferences and Training for Councillors in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001 as amended by Sections 53 (2) of the Local Government Reform Act 2014

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Proposed Disposal of Properties


Proposed Disposal of Properties

Pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant (Grounds Rents)(No. 2) Act, 1978


Proposed Granting of a Right of Way to rear access of the property known as 554 Grange Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14 to (details supplied)

(already circulated)


Local Authority Representation on the Governing Authority of DCU - 1997 Universities Act

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Taking in Charge

Section 11 of the Roads Act 1993 as amended by Section of 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended)



Taking In Charge


Taking In Charge

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Draft Segregation, Storage and Presentation of Household and Commercial Waste Bye-Laws, 2019

Local Government Act 2001 - Part 19 & Section 199 (1)

Waste Management Act, 1996 Section 35 (1)

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Proposed Pay Parking Control Scheme - Mulvey Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Section 101 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961, Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Parking Control Bye-Laws, 2007-2011, and in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act, 2001.

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Chief Executive’s Business for Noting

[subject to a statutory deadline/of an urgent nature]


No business


Cathaoirleach's Business


Cathaoirleach's Business: Councillor S. Brennan

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All other Chief Executive’s Business for Noting


Section 48 Development Contribution Scheme 2016-2020 (as amended) - Indexation , Section 49 Glenamuck District Roads Scheme and Surface Water Attenuation Pond Scheme

Planning & Development Act, 2000 (as amended)

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Report on Commercial Rates Arrears at 31/12/18

In accordance with Article 26 (2) of the Local Government (Financial & Audit Procedures) Regulations 2014

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DLR Properties Ltd Report to Council September 2019

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Management Report


Monthly Management Report May 2019


Monthly Management Report June 2019 up to 20th June


Quarterly Management Report April to June 2019 up to 20th June


Monthly Management Report July 2019


Monthly Management Report August 2019


Monthly Management Report September 2019


Quarterly Management Report July to September

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Ministerial/Departmental Correspondence


Ministerial Correspondence Received

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Ministerial Correspondence Issued on foot of a Council Decision

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Other Correspondence


Other Correspondence Received

a)    eLetter from DCU dated 25 July 2019 requesting a nominee from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown for membership of the DCU Governing Authority.

b)    Copy of a resolution adopted by Sligo County Council dated 10 September 2019 regarding 5G.

c)    Copy of a resolution adopted by Leitrim County Council dated 26 September 2019 regarding the Beef Plan Campaign.

d)    Copy of a resolution adopted by Leitrim County Council dated 26 September 2019 regarding Wind Farms.

e)    Copy of a resolution adopted by Leitrim County Council dated 26 September 2019 regarding the Local Area Hackney Licenses.

f)    Correspondence received from the Disability Consultation Group dated 30 September requesting that members from DCG would make a presentation to the Elected Members, attached also a profile of the group.

g)    Copy of Invitation to the Housing Agency Annual Conference 2019.

h)    Copy of a resolution adopted by Monaghan County Council dated 3 October 2019 regarding the campaign by the National  Ambulance Services Representatives Association.

 (circulated herewith)


Other Correspondence Issued on foot of a Council Decision

a)    Letter of condolence issued to Councillor Marie Baker dated 16 September 2019.

b)    Letter of condolence issued to Helen Griffin dated 16 September 2019.

c)    Letter of condolence issued to The Byrne Family dated 16 September 2019.

d)    Letter of condolence issued to The Ryan Family dated 16 September 2019.

e)    Letter of condolence issued to The Farrell Family dated 16 September 2019.

f)     Letter of condolence issued to Mr David Coote dated 16 September 2019.

g)    Letters to Councillors Shay Brennan, Peter O’Brien and Eva Elizabeth Dowling dated 24 September 2019 regarding their appointment to the Dodder Greenway Steering Group.

 (circulated herewith)


Reports from Area Committees and SPC's


No business


Members Motions



Councillor J. Kennedy

"That this Council writes to the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government and the Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal to encourage the introduction of a new community-led design guidance process in relation to the exterior design of future residential building applications, which could in practice be initiated for a given geographic area by a resolution at local authority level and which would involve local residents ranking design preferences for their own community from a list of building illustrations (in the form of a public consultation process), with the outcome of such a process being implemented in such a manner as to have meaningful and tangible influence in shaping the appearance of new residential buildings arising within the ambit of such a consultation."[1 July 2019][LETTER]



Councillor B. Ward

"That this Council agrees to facilitate the holding of funeral services in County Hall, and resolves to take such steps as are necessary to ensure that such services can be facilitated in the same way that marriage ceremonies have been."[1 July 2019]



Councillor M. Hanafin

“That this Council requests the Government to review the Fair Deal Scheme in relation to primary residence in order to reduce the number of vacant houses.”[1 July 2019][LETTER]



Councillor D. O'Callaghan

“That this Council agrees that funding be made available by Central Government to this Local authority to assist with the carrying out of a noise assessment along the M50 especially along the Heronford Lane, Brides Glen, New Vale and Crinken boundaries in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006. And that letters be issued to the relevant Ministers and Departments.”[1 July 2019][LETTER]



Councillor J. Gildea

“That this Council requests the Chief Executive to identify a suitable site within the county which can be used for the provision of a sustainable solar powered electricity generating facility of at least 10MW capacity and to report back to this council within three months.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor D. Quinn

 “That this Council take all appropriate steps to meet its obligations under Section 42 of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Act (2014) by:

1. Putting in place a responsible officer, establishing a working group of the County Council with senior management participation, providing training to relevant staff and developing an action plan to establish the necessary conditions for implementing effectively the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty

2. Prepare and publish a general assessment of the equality and human rights issues relevant to each of its functions and establish the systems to ensure these are adequately addressed in all Council plans, programmes and procedures

3. Commit to ensuring participation by organisations representing groups experiencing inequality and human rights issues in developing and implementing the action plan and put in place the necessary systems for this to happen.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor C. Smyth

“That the Chief Executive when rolling out the public drinking water fountains to Parks throughout the County, that they ensure it includes a drinking fountain for dogs.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor K. Ahmed

“That the Chief Executive would consider a bigger community centre with facilities for multicultural & recreational activities in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area for the integration of diverse communities.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor M. Halpin

“That this Council agrees to commence a programme of retrofitting all Council homes and other Council owned buildings over the next 3 years to bring them up to the highest BER rating.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor D. Donnelly

“That the Chief Executive complete negotiations with the owners of the land around the landlocked Glenalbyn Swimming Pool site in Stillorgan and commence works to re-open the pool without delay.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor H. Lewis

“That this Council reaffirms its position that Rebuilding Ireland is failing in the provision of social and affordable housing for the people of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown and calls on central government to initiate an emergency construction programme of social and affordable housing.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor A. Colgan

“That this Council initiates a system through which progress on implementing motions by the Council can be tracked at intervals and that will provide updates on implementation.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor C. Devlin

“That this Council investigate changing the use of one of its properties for the purpose of opening up a Womens Refuge to provide emergency accommodation for women and children who are victims of domestic violence?”[9 September 2019]


Councillor P. O'Brien

“That this Council, with a view of the re-entry of local authorities to domestic bin collection, write to the Minister of Communications, Climate Action & Environment calling for the establishment of a regulator for household waste collection to ensure that every household has access to an affordable waste disposal service.”[9 September 2019][LETTER]


Councillor M. O'Connell

“That this Council supports the use of rumble strips on the entrances to residential areas, where agreed by residents, as part of the suite of measures of traffic speed enforcement in this County and asks that this motion is forwarded onto the Transportation & County Wide Movement Strategic Policy Committee (S.P.C.) for consideration?”[9 September 2019]


Councillor J. O'Connell

“That the Chief Executive now report on the status of the final accounts for the former Dún Laoghaire Harbour Company pursuant to Section 33 of the Harbours Act 2015 and if they have been presented to the Minister for Housing,Planning and Local Government and laid before both houses of the Oireachtas.


·         Report on the integration of the Harbour operations into the Councils.


·         Agrees that the Council Executive commence the Procurement of an independent Economic and Spatial Strategy for the harbour and Town.


·         Agrees that in recognising the Harbour area as having enormous historic and cultural significance commences a public consultation process with all of the stakeholders, statutory bodies and residents of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown as a first step to developing an economic plan for its future use and that of the Town.


·         Agrees to review the current harbour Bye-Laws, review harbour policy including the National Ports Policy, County Development Plan and the National Maritime Planning Framework.  


·         Identify sources of funding.


·         And that regular briefings for the elected Council be undertaken.”

[9 September 2019]



Councillor L. McCarthy

“That this Council agrees to install defibrillators in our public parks.”[9 September 2019]



Councillor D. Dunne

“That this Council requests the Chief Executive to prepare a plan for the development of public housing on the former council depot on Mount Anville Road, inviting devlopment proposals from Housing Associations, the Land Development Agency, and any other relevant partners who can bring the site into use for this purpose.”[14 October 2019]


Councillor J. Gildea

“That this Council requests the Chief Executive to identify community facilities and other publicly owned or operated facilities in the County such as waste water treatment plants, that are suitable for the installation of a solar energy systems for use on site and to report back to this council within three months.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor C. Smyth

“That the Chief Executive begin the process of identifying all trees identified on the Development Plan under zoning objective (symbol) “To Protect and Preserve Trees and Woodlands” to a list of trees designated with a Tree Preservation Order.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor H. Lewis

“That this Council supports the international boycott divestment and sanctions campaign against the state of Israel.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor K. Ahmed

“That the Council requests the Government (Minister for Education) to review the necessity of more secondary schools in the County in order to reduce the pressure of waiting lists.”[9 September 2019][LETTER]



Councillor M. O'Connell

“That this Council supports the introduction of height limits for trees and hedges on Council land that are growing directly adjacent to residential housing.”[9 September 2019]



Councillor L. McCarthy

“That this Council can guarantee our public that all granted planning permissions will comply with building regulations and ensure potential apartment buyers that apartment blocks will not suffer from fire safety defects, water ingress or any other structural defect?”[9 September 2019]



Councillor C. Devlin

“That this Council asks the Chief Executive to write to and seek a report from the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) about their involvement with the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) over the past 5 years and what plans exists for the next number of years?”[9 September 2019][LETTER]


Councillor B. Ward

"That this Council agrees that, as a matter of policy, new buildings in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown should have parallel "grey water" or water collection systems that allow for the maximum use of run-off and rain water in certain domestic functions, rather than treated water."[9 September 2019]


Councillor D. O'Callaghan

“That this Council in keeping with the spirit of Section Policy RES8 Provision of Social Housing (written statement point 2),agrees that the Chief Executive  would conduct and establish if property owners especially shops and busineses across the County would be interested in either leasing or selling any vacant capacity in their properties to the Council for the purposes of the Councils Social Housing Programme,such a project if viable could be a catalyst for bringing over the shop living to reality in the towns and villages of the County.”[14 October 2019]


Councillor J. O'Connell

“That this Council agrees to continue the 'Beatyard Festival' in addition to the 'Shakespearean Rose Theatre' events in the harbour venue.”[14 October 2019]


Councillors A. Colgan and P. O'Brien

“That the Chief Executive takes steps to address persistent failure to observe parking regulations and persistent failure to pay parking fines by giving parking wardens the discretion to clamp vehicles engaging in such persistent breaches of parking regulations.”[14 October 2019]



Councillors D. Kingston, L. McCarthy, D. O'Callaghan, J. O'Connell, P. O'Brien and C. Smyth

“That this Council agrees to set up a Climate Action Working Group, which will monitor the targets and activities set out in the climate action plan and the climate action activities of each Council Department. The Committee will have representation from each political party and/or Independent grouping and will meet quarterly.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor K. Ahmed

“That the Council requests the Chief Executive to identify the importance of playgrounds for young families who are struggling for playgrounds closer to their place throughout the DLR County and Council’s plan on this.”[9 September 2019]



Councillor B. Ward

"That this Council resolves, as a matter of policy, to put in place safe, segregated cycle lanes wherever possible, and on every new road scheme, and to provide contra-flow lanes for cyclists on one-way streets within the County."[14 October 2019]


Councillor C. Devlin

“That this Council, in the interest of expanding our County’s recreational play space and given the lack of public open space in Dún Laoghaire town and its environs, requests the Chief Executive to acquire the 1.255 hectares / 3.1 acres green field site (zoned open space) on Tivoli Terrace South, Dún Laoghaire (PRSA #002340) and that a report is brought back to our next Council meeting as a headed item on this subject?”[14 October 2019]





Councillor K. Ahmed - Affordable Housing Scheme

“To ask the Chief Executive about the latest developments on the affordable housing scheme in this County?”


Councillor K. Ahmed - Homelessness

“To ask the Chief Executive about steps taken for families who suffer from the anxiety of being homeless and how the Council are dealing with those families?”



Councillor K. Ahmed - Derelict Sites

“To ask the Chief Executive to publish a report of total derelict sites across the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County?”



Councillor K. Ahmed - Biodeversity within DLR

“To ask the Chief Executive of its engagement in the last year for biodiversity within Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County?”



Councillor K. Ahmed - East Pier Toilets

“To ask the Chief Executive if the Council would facilitate public toilets at Dún Laoghaire Harbour as it in their ownership now?”



Councillor M. Baker - Council Broadband Officer

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide the name of the Council’s Broadband officer and to give a brief summary of what areas are covered by this job?”




Councillor M. Baker - Housing stock sold 2017-2019

“To ask the Chief Executive how many houses were sold from the Council’s housing stock in 2017, 2018 and to date in 2019?”



Councillor M. Baker - Sum received from sale of Council houses

“To ask the Chief Executive what was the total amount received for Council houses sold from the housing stock in 2017, 2018 and to date in 2019?”



Councillor A. Colgan - Climate Action Plan

“To ask the Chief Executive to include a dedicated report on the progress towards implementation of the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan in each Quarterly Management Report?”


Councillor A. Colgan - Funding from Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide a report on funding received from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government for the past 6 years (2013-2018) under the following headings:


·         The amount allocated in each year

·         The amount of the allocation drawn down

·         The amount of the Council’s own funding (if any) by which the departmental funding was supplemented in delivering the Traveller Accommodation Programme in the County in each of these years?”



Councillor C. Devlin - Right to Read Programme

“To ask the Chief Executive to detail how much has been allocated to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown by the Department of Rural & Community Development under the Right-To-Read Programme (supporting marginalised and socially disadvantaged communities) as per the Dormant Accounts Action Plan 2019 for libraries across this County?” 





Councillor C. Devlin - Co-Funding Town-Village Renewal Application

“To ask the Chief Executive how many times this Council was requested to provide co-funding (match funding) for any Town/Village Renewal Application in this County since 2016 and if so, how much was sought and does this Council intend to work with all community/business groups that might want to make such an application during 2019/2020?”





Councillor C. Devlin - Number of New Electors

“To ask the Chief Executive for a detailed breakdown of the number of new electors (broken down by each electoral area) in this County since this time last year (2018)?”


Councillor C. Devlin - Community Allotments

“To ask the Chief Executive to give details on all existing community allotments, how many people are on the waiting lists for same and what initiatives or plans has this Council to address this demand and in what locations are there proposed to provide any more?”


Councillor C. Devlin - BATLAS 2020 Programme

“To ask the Chief Executive following on from my previous questions, can she now publish the results from the BATLAS 2020 programme (2016-2018) in relation to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown please?”




Councillor D. Donnelly - Graffiti Dublin City Marathon Route

“To ask the Chief Executive to organise the removal of graffiti and the clearing up of unsightly overgrown grass verges and green spaces along the section of the Dublin City Marathon route that is in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.”



Councillor D. Dunne - Sustainable Development Goals

“To ask the Chief Executive noting the ‘crucial role’ of Local Authorities outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals National Implementation Plan 2018 - 2020, published by the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment; what practical actions are being taken by this Council to further the Sustainable Development Goals objectives, and to raise public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals process?”



Councillor D. Dunne - Vacant Sites

“To ask the Chief Executive, in the Report on Income and Expenditure given to the September 2019 meeting, the Chief Executive outlines increased expenditure arising from the Council’s own vacant sites, noting: Provision for this payment will have to be included in the budget and is expected to be in the region of €400,000-€500,000. Could she please list the address of each vacant site used to arrive at this figure, the value of each site, and outline any plans for future development of each site?


Councillor H. Lewis - Social Housing Applications

“To ask the Chief Executive how many social housing applicants have been removed from social housing support and/or their relevant waiting list for earning over the financial income eligibility income cap thus far in 2019 and of this figure how many applicants have had their social housing support reinstated upon a successful appeal?”



Councillor H. Lewis - Beach Wheelchair

“To ask the Chief Executive if there are any plans to expand the availability of the beach wheelchair in the County?”



Councillor H. Lewis - Social Housing List Figures

“To ask the Chief Executive to state the combined figure of those on social housing list awaiting a home and those on the RAS (Rental Accommodation Scheme) fixed transfer list and HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) transfer list awaiting standard social housing in the County?”


Councillor H. Lewis - Public Bins

“To ask the Chief Executive if there are plans to increase the stock of public bins and if these will include recycling facilities as rolled out in other Counties?”


Councillor H. Lewis - Ratio of New Build to Part V Houses

“To ask the Chief Executive the ratio of, or approximate ratio of allocated newly built either standard or Part V social homes compared to the allocation of existing previously built and resided in Council homes thus far in 2019?”



Councillor L. McCarthy - Housing Adaptation Grants

“To ask the Chief Executive, with reference to Question A029, September Agenda, how is it possible for a Council tenant to be waiting over a year for their housing adaptation grant considering the answer stated there was no delay once they grant was processed?”



Councillor L. McCarthy - Online Booking Swimming Classes

“To ask the Chief Executive, in the interest of sustainability  to please introduce online booking for swimming classes in Loughlinstown to save families queuing for up to 1 hour as occurred on Sunday 22nd September 2019?”



Councillor L. McGovern - DLR Website Recycling

“To ask the Chief Executive that we have a very clear, easy to navigate section on the DLR website that caters for the education on how to effectively recycle. I believe people want to be more environmentally aware and recycle but the information is not accessible on our website on how to effectively do this. I’d also like for this part of the website to allow ideas and submission to enter from the public on how our Council can be more environmentally efficient throughout the County?”



Councillor L. McGovern - Shredding Machines and Recycling Bins

“To ask the Chief Executive to install shredding machines and paper recycling bins for Councillors in both Council offices. Each week we all generate so much unnecessary documents and post which has already been sent via email and we should have shredders and paper recycling bins located in each Council office to improve our own recycling methods and reduce waste?”



Councillor J. O'Connell - BeatYard Festival

“To ask the Chief Executive to prepare a report about the future of the 'Beatyard Festival'?”


Councillor J. O'Connell - Waste Collection Bye-laws

“To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the waste collection bye laws so the bin collection by all waste disposal companies be collected before 8.30am and for designated days only on urban main streets where driving footfall is imperative to the street's economic survival. From a health and safety perspective footpaths should be kept clear and hazard free. The foul stench of bin trucks all day time is offputting for customers?”



Councillor M. O'Connell - Cycling Lane Wands

“To ask the Chief Executive to request a report on the effectiveness of wands on cycling lanes at junctions in protecting cyclists and increasing visibility for other road users?”



Councillor M. O'Connell - Cycling Lane Wands at Schools

“To ask the Chief Executive to prioritise the implementation of wands on cycling lanes at junctions near schools and on popular cycling routes to schools?”


Councillor M. O'Connell - Slow to Mow

“To ask the Chief Executive for a report on the impact of the Slow to Mow strategy in 2019, its first full year, including any assessment on change in biodiversity, and an account of reports from the public and Councillors to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, positive, negative and neutral, on the no-spray policy and/or the prevalence of weeds in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council areas, especially verges, rails, walls, trees etc?”


Councillor M. O'Connell - Deep Cleaning of Towns

“To ask for an update on the Deep Cleaning of towns with particular regard to effectiveness on weeding?”


Councillor B. Saul - Part 8 Sports Facilities

“To ask the Chief Executive to list by Ward the number of Part 8s since 2000 for Sports/Community facilities. To include the total cost and to provide a map with these identified?”   


Councillor B. Saul - Tennis Clubs

"To ask the Chief Executive to list all public Tennis Clubs and or Tennis Clubs on Council lands and to give a break down of all funding provided by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council since 2000. Please also give details of any part 8 and provide this information stating which Area Committee the club is located in?"


Councillor C. Smyth - Cycling Policy

“To ask the Chief Executive to review the “Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Cycling Policy Smarter Travel, Better Living”, which was adopted in June 2010?”



Councillor C. Smyth - Footpaths Leopardstown Estate

“To ask the Chief Executive has work been carried out on the footpaths in Leopardstown Estate to remove the trip hazards and provide dishing after the completion of the survey?”



Councillor O. Smyth - Heritage Officer

“To ask the Chief Executive when or if it is intended to appoint a Heritage Officer?”



Councillor B. Ward - Unsignalled Junctions

"To ask the Chief Executive if she will consider implementing a scheme, across the County, whereby, at every unsignalled junction, the surface across the minor road will be raised to ensure continuity of the footpath and right of way for pedestrians?"


Councillor B. Ward - Sustainable Drainage Principles

“To ask the Chief Executive to confirm that sustainable drainage principles are being followed where connection to existing combined sewerage systems from new builds, is required, and can she provide details of the Council’s drainage area plans?"




Councillor B. Ward - Grey and Brown Water Systems

"To ask the Chief Executive if there are any areas within the County where implementation of full scale separation of grey and brown water systems could be feasible, such as large-scale road redevelopment, what is she doing to explore these possibilities, and are there any proposals to put “storm systems” in place?"



Councillor B. Ward - Cable Ties

"To ask the Chief Executive if any measures have been put in place to remove cable ties from poles in the County, and what process is in place to prosecute those responsible for leaving them there?"


Councillor B. Ward - Litter Fines

"To ask the Chief Executive, for 2018 and 2019 to date, how many litter fines have been issued, how much money has been recovered on foot of same, how many resulted in prosecutions and how many of those prosecutions were successful, and what the budgetary effect of the process is?"