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Confirmation of Minutes

a)    Minutes of County Council meeting held on 13 January 2020

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Chief Executive’s Business for Decision (Reserved Functions)


Conferences and Training For Councillors

in accordance with Section 142 (5) of the Local Government Act 2001 as amended by Sections 53 (2) of the Local Government Reform Act 2014.


List of Conferences and Training for Councillors


Approval of Nominations for Conferences and Training Courses


Conferences and Training Report Documents Submitted

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Proposed Disposal of Properties


Proposed disposal of Fee Simple Interest

Pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant (Grounds Rent)(No. 2) Act, 1978


Proposed disposal of Fee Simple Interest

Pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant (Grounds Rent)(No. 2) Act, 1978



Proposed disposal of Fee Simple Interest

Pursuant to the Landlord and Tenant (Grounds Rent)(No. 2) Act, 1978

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Standing Orders

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Blackrock Local Area Plan - Five Year Time Extension to March 2025

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Chief Executive’s Business for Noting

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Cathaoirleach's Business


Cathaoirleach's Business: Councillor S. Brennan


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Report indicating the Programme of Capital Projects proposed 2020 - 2022

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Management Report


Monthly Management Report January 2020

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Ministerial/Departmental Correspondence


Ministerial Correspondence Received

a)    Email received on behalf of the Minister for Health responding to our letter regarding the Nursing Homes Support Scheme.

b)    LG 01/2020 Disqualification from Local Authority Membership.

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Ministerial Correspondence Issued on foot of a Council Decision

a)        Letter to the Minister for Housing, Planning & Local Government regarding the financial burden falling on this Council arising from the taking in charge of Dún Laoghaire Harbour.

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Other Correspondence


Other Correspondence Received

a)        Letter received from the TII dated 22 January 2020 responding to our query regarding particulate matter and sulphur dioxide along the M50.

b)        Letter received from Roscommon County Council dated 28 January 2020 regarding Personal Assistance Services.

c)         Letter received from Galway County Council dated 30 January 2020 supporting the provision of Personal Assistance Services to be legislated for as a right for people living with disabilities.


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Other Correspondence Issued on foot of a Council Decision

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Reports from Area Committees and SPC's


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Members Motions



Councillor C. Smyth

“That the Chief Executive when rolling out the public drinking water fountains to Parks throughout the County, that they ensure it includes a drinking fountain for dogs.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor K. Ahmed

“That the Chief Executive would consider a bigger community centre with facilities for multicultural & recreational activities in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area for the integration of diverse communities.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor M. Halpin

“That this Council agrees to commence a programme of retrofitting all Council homes and other Council owned buildings over the next 3 years to bring them up to the highest BER rating.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor D. Donnelly

“That the Chief Executive complete negotiations with the owners of the land around the landlocked Glenalbyn Swimming Pool site in Stillorgan and commence works to re-open the pool without delay.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor H. Lewis

“That this Council reaffirms its position that Rebuilding Ireland is failing in the provision of social and affordable housing for the people of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown and calls on central government to initiate an emergency construction programme of social and affordable housing.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor A. Colgan

“That this Council initiates a system through which progress on implementing motions by the Council can be tracked at intervals and that will provide updates on implementation.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor L. McCarthy

“That this Council agrees to install defibrillators in our public parks.”[9 September 2019]



Councillor D. Dunne

“That this Council requests the Chief Executive to prepare a plan for the development of public housing on the former council depot on Mount Anville Road, inviting development proposals from Housing Associations, the Land Development Agency, and any other relevant partners who can bring the site into use for this purpose.”[14 October 2019]


Councillor B. Ward

“That this Council, under powers reserved to it under the Local Government Act 2001, and, inter alia, section 199(3)(c) of that Act, resolves to consider the following draft Bye-Law for the Prohibition of Certain Single-Use Plastics 2019, and in that regard, initiate the procedure set down in sections 200, 201 and 202 of the Local Government Act 2001 for the making of such a bye-law.”[11 November 2019]



Councillor E. Blain

“That this Council, in recognition of the historic gender balance of the current Chamber, would task the Monuments Committee with erecting a public statue, bust or appropriate memorial to commemorate one, or more, of the many women from our County who have made significant contributions to Politics, the Arts or the community, for example the Overend Sisters, Monica Barnes or Maeve Binchy.”[11 November 2019]



Councillor D. Kingston

“That the Chief Executive agrees to organise a meeting with representatives from Tusla, the Department of Housing and a delegation of Councillors, with a view to identifying a pathway to delivering a domestic violence refuge in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.”[11 November 2019]



Councillor D. O'Callaghan

“That this Council expresses concern at the withdrawal of child support services (some months ago) which were being provided to children and parents in the Shankill Area by Cottage Homes, agrees to write to both Tusla and the HSE outlining the void and loss this service has left in the community, that the situation be re-viewed as a matter of urgency and that adequate funding be put in place to restore this vital service.”[9 December 2019][LETTERS]


Councillor J. Gildea

“That the Chief Executive takes whatever action is necessary to ensure that planning applications contain the full postal address of the site to be developed including the name of the town/village and further that all applications which do not contain such complete information should be rejected.”[9 December 2019]


Councillor J. O'Connell

“That this Council agrees to continue the 'Beatyard Festival' in addition to the 'Shakespearean Rose Theatre' events in the harbour venue.”[14 October 2019]


Councillor J. Kennedy

"That this Council writes to An Taoiseach, the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to indicate that a new mechanism should be devised in 2020 whereby at least one-quarter of the amount each local authority pays to the equalization fund from LPT should be provided back to each local authority as an effective rebate each year from the fund, plus the equalization amount of 20% of LPT due ought to be calculated upon the net amount of LPT after any variation within the permitted range of -15/+15% (as decided upon each year by elected members of each local authority) has been deducted (or added) first."[9 December 2019][LETTERS]


Councillor C. Devlin

“That this Council writes to the Minister for Justice & Equality to request and advise that Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council wishes to host all future Citizenship Ceremonies in conjunction with the Department, for any resident of this County who is due to receive their Irish citizenship?”[13 January 2020][LETTER]



Councillor C. Smyth

“That the Chief Executive begin the process of identifying all trees identified on the Development Plan under zoning objective (symbol) “To Protect and Preserve Trees and Woodlands” to a list of trees designated with a Tree Preservation Order.”[1 July 2019]



Councillor H. Lewis

“That this Council supports the international boycott divestment and sanctions campaign against the state of Israel.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor K. Ahmed

“That the Council requests the Government (Minister for Education) to review the necessity of more secondary schools in the County in order to reduce the pressure of waiting lists.”[9 September 2019][LETTER]



Councillor L. McCarthy

“That this Council can guarantee our public that all granted planning permissions will comply with building regulations and ensure potential apartment buyers that apartment blocks will not suffer from fire safety defects, water ingress or any other structural defect?”[9 September 2019]



Councillors A. Colgan and P. O'Brien

“That the Chief Executive takes steps to address persistent failure to observe parking regulations and persistent failure to pay parking fines by giving parking wardens the discretion to clamp vehicles engaging in such persistent breaches of parking regulations.”[14 October 2019]



Councillor M. Halpin

“That this Council acknowledges the benefits that came from the Festival of World Cultures and agrees to bring a report to the next Council meeting on the re-establishment of an annual Multicultural Festival.”[13 January 2020]



Councillor D. O'Callaghan

“That this Council expresses concern at the shortfall in funding by the H.S.E to St Josephs Day Care Centre Shankill to continue providing 120 day care places and two respite beds each week as part of their Dementia Services provision and agrees to write to the HSE to ensure that the shortfall is made good in any new Service Level Agreement with St Josephs.”[13 January 2020][LETTER]


Councillor J. Kennedy

"That the Chief Executive, as a means of purifying nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and other impurities, ought to consider overseeing the introduction of vertical installations of moss along the M50, as has been used in cities such as London and Hong Kong, given assertions that such installations each are considered to be as effective in terms of reducing surrounding particulate matter as 275 trees, and that contact be made with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, the EPA and TII to seek co-operation (particularly with funding) for this proposal."[9 December 2019][LETTER]



Councillor C. Devlin

“That the Chief Executive publish the Laneway Maintenance Schedule on the Council website and  state how frequently each one will be covered?”[10 February 2020]



Councillor B. Ward

"That this Council adopts a policy whereby a weather warning alone from Met Éireann does not result in the automatic closure of parks or amenities in the County, but entrusts the decision on whether or not amenities need to be closed, to the Chief Executive or another officer of the Council to whom she delegates that function, and suggests that, in making such a decision, consideration be given to whether or not such closure is actually necessary for public safety and the importance of the continuity of provision of services and amenities to the citizens of this County."[10 February 2020] 


Councillors D. Kingston, L. McCarthy, D. O'Callaghan, J. O'Connell, P. O'Brien and C. Smyth

“That this Council agrees to set up a Climate Action Working Group, which will monitor the targets and activities set out in the climate action plan and the climate action activities of each Council Department. The Committee will have representation from each political party and/or Independent grouping and will meet quarterly.”[1 July 2019]


Councillor K. Ahmed

“That this Council in conjunction with the Chief Executive adopt a policy to tackle homelessness within the remit of this Council, with special consideration to families, so that no families with children live in emergency accommodation outside the County in stressful situation.”[11 November 2019]


Councillor H. Lewis

“That this Council discusses the Living Over the Shop Scheme.”[11 November 2019]


Councillor A. Colgan

“That the Chief Executive bring forward proposals for Dún Laoghaire Rathdown’s participation in the Global UN Safe Cities Programme, which addresses sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence, especially against women and girls, in public spaces.”[11 November 2019]


Councillor C. Devlin

“That this Council agrees to invite REPAK to a future Council meeting, to ask them to make a presentation on their work over the next 3 years and to specifically deal with the repeated calls for Ireland to introduce a Deposit Refund Scheme?”[10 February 2020]





Councillor A. Colgan

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide a report on any EU grants applied for in 2018 and 2019,  the outcome of the applications, where known, and any applications awaiting decision?”



Councillor A. Colgan

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide a report on any meetings sought or held on foot of the motion (below) passed unanimously requesting that the Chief Executive would meet with the Minister in relation to Harbour funding?”



This Council calls on the Chief Executive to hold urgent talks with the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government to agree the level of financial support to be provided to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council in respect of the huge financial burden and risk falling on this Council currently, and the ongoing burden of costs arising from the taking in charge of the Harbour, and to reach urgent agreement in order to provide certainty to the Council regarding its financial position in time for the preparation of the capital budget 2020-2023




Councillor M. Clarke

“To ask the Chief Executive to provide a breakdown of the 2020 Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) "National Roads Allocations" of €2,655,002 and to state how we fared compared to the other Dublin Local Authorities?”



Councillor C. Devlin

“To ask the Chief Executive to publish a copy of this Council's policy framework that underpins our signatory to the EU Covenant of Mayors and that implementation of same and provide an up-date of what has been achieved to-date and our goals for the next 12 months?


Councillor C. Devlin

“To ask the Chief Executive to give a time line as to the progress of this Council's Long Term Road Objectives (Table 2.2.6) as per the County Development Plan 2016 - 2022 specifically in relation to;
A) Access to the “Gut” (Dún Laoghaire Harbour Area)
B) The Dublin Eastern Bypass (as identified in the Dublin Eastern Bypass Corridor Protection Study, TII 2011)
C) Link Road from Leopardstown to Carrickmines Interchange.
Please give a status up-date on discussions held with any outside organisations and an anticipated time line for each?” 



Councillor C. Devlin

“To ask the Chief Executive to state when this Council first became aware of the ESB Networks potentially hazardous underground electricity insulated cable oil leaks which took place between 1993 - 2019 and to request that the Environmental Protection Agency’s full report is now published?”



Councillor C. Devlin

“To ask the Chief Executive for a breakdown on the amount that this Council has spent on collecting and disposing of illegally dumped waste across this County since 2011 year-on-year?”



Councillor C. Devlin

“To ask the Chief Executive how many dog fouling fines have been issued across this County since 2014 with a breakdown year-on-year and by Local Electoral Area?”


Councillor M. Halpin

“To ask the Chief Executive, considering the positive impact "working from home" and a 4 day week would have on carbon emissions, if she will report on any plans to work with relevant unions and employee representatives to progress these policies?”



Councillor T. Murphy

“To ask the Chief Executive how the Council enforce building regulations where a builder has not complied.  Is there any way the Council can make the builder complete unfinished or substandard works?”



Councillor D. O'Callaghan

“To ask the Chief Executive to report on any ongoing maintenance required on the old Ballyogan Landfill Site?”



Councillor M. O'Connell

“To ask the Chief Executive to include as part of the Cycling accessibility and upgrading programme the replacement of stone-style, kissing, and weave gates to A-Frame of K barriers, to ensure accessibility for cyclists, but also adults with children in buggies and wheelchair users?”


Councillor M. O'Connell

“To ask the Chief Executive to state the number of dog licences issued to households in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council 2017,2018, 2019, the number of dogs included in these licences, and a breakdown (or nearest approximate) per local area?”


Councillor M. O'Connell

“To ask the Chief Executive to review the safety features provided in the County Playgrounds, and their maintenance, in particular, the anti-slip features on and around the activity units, to ensure that they are appropriate, maintained, and appropriate to be sufficient in times of prolonged rainfall?”


Councillor S. Ó Faoláin

“To ask the Chief Executive whether efforts have been made to incorporate participatory budgeting into the Council Budget, as South Dublin County Council has done, and whether she is amenable to the suggestion?”


Councillor C. Smyth

“To ask the Chief Executive to report on the Weed Removal Schedule for the entire County to tackle the problems of weeds?”



Councillor C. Smyth

“To ask the Chief Executive, now that the first Columbarium Wall is open in Deansgrange Cemetery that the provision of Columbarium Walls is extended to all open and closed burial sites in the County?”



Councillor C. Smyth

“To ask the Chief Executive the following regarding dogs brought to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Pound on a monthly basis for the last ten years:

a)        How many dogs were brought to the pound?

b)        Of the dogs brought to the pound how many were re-claimed?

c)         Of the dogs brought to the pound how many were re-homed?

d)        Of the dogs brought to the pound how many were euthanised?”



Councillor C. Smyth

“To ask the Chief Executive the following regarding horses impounded by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council since 2010 (including) on an annual basis:

a)        How many horses were brought to the pound?

b)        Of the horses brought to the pound how many were re-claimed?

c)         Of the horses brought to the pound how many were re-homed?

d)        Of the horses brought to the pound how many were euthanised?”