Proposed venue: Microsoft Teams

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Cllr. Baker welcomed all participants to the meeting and also welcomed the two new members of the SPC: Lyn Meade Hagin, member of the PPN and; Cllr Martha Fanning who has replaced Cllr Deirdre Kingston. Cllr. Baker proceeded to run through the remote meeting guidelines and the roll call was taken for the meeting.




Cllr. Marie Baker (Chair) advised all participants that the meeting would be recorded for the purposes of minutes and the recording would be deleted, thereafter. She invited anyone with objections to this to inform her. No participant objected to the meeting being recorded for the purpose outlined and at this point recording of the meeting began.



Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of meeting held on 17th June 2020 were agreed. The minutes were then adopted, having been proposed by Cllr. Peter O’Brien and seconded by Cllr. Mary Hanafin.



Matters Arising from the Minutes



Information items submitted by members for written reply



Director's Business


Community Section - Covid Update

Therese Langan provided an update on the Department’s activity in light of the COVID-19 public health crisis, further to the update provided to the SPC at June’s meeting. Ms Langan noted the importance of the Community Call as well as various health and wellbeing initiatives provided by the department to the community. Dr Louise Kinlen from Southside Partnership will carry out an evaluation of the Community Call initiative examining how it operated and how it may be used into the future following its success.


Updates were provided on the foodbank, the inter-agency co-operation, the engagement of volunteers, work with the Community Centres and digital literacy work. 


The Members expressed thanks to staff of the Community, Libraries and Arts sections as well as to all of the volunteers who had provided assistance and services during the pandemic. 



Arts & Culture Overview

Catherine Gallagher gave a presentation and overview of the arts and culture programme being implemented in DLR. This included an overview of the Arts Office, the Music Generation dlr Partnership Programme, as well as the Creative Ireland programme and the Decade of Commemorations scheme, also, the Arts and Culture support for the community during the Covid situation.


A nomination to membership of the Public Art Steering Group was also sought from a non-elected representative of the Community, Culture & Wellbeing SPC.   



New DLR County Heritage Plan Consultation 2021-2025

Deirdre Black, DLR’s County Heritage Officer, presented on elements of formulating the new DLR County Heritage Plan 2021-2025.


Deirdre Black responded to the Members queries and Cllr. Baker invited members to contact Ms. Black directly at dblack@dlrcoco.ie with any further suggestions.



Business Referred from the Council (if any)



Business Referred from the Corporate Policy Group (if any)



Items for SPC Future Works Programme



Strategic policy issue relevant to the business of the SPC for consideration by the committee for inclusion in the Future Work Programme



Any other Business

Cllr Baker encouraged the non-Council members of the SPC to consider putting their names forward to join the Public Art Steering Group and thanked everyone for their contributions to the meeting.



Date of Next Meeting

The Chair, Cllr. Baker thanked all members for their participation in the meeting.

Wednesday 14th October 2020, 5pm proposed as the date of next meeting.