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Confirmation of Minutes

Minutes of Transportation and Marine SPC Meeting held on 8th June 2021


(circulated herewith)



Information Item Submitted by Members for Written Reply


Mr. Aaron Moore - Update on Active (School) Travel Routes

Can the management provide the committee with an update on when the wayfinding for the Active (School) Travel Routes will be fully in place, along with an indication of the types of wayfinding which will be employed.


Ms. Emma Cahill - Zebra Crossings

Can the management provide an update on the number of requests for Zebra crossings and how many of them have been installed?


Business submitted by Director of Services


Presentation - Cargo Bike Parking, submitted by Mr. Gerard Flaherty, Senior Executive Officer, Traffic and Road Safety Section


Presentation of EV Strategy - Submitted by Ms. Mary Hegarty, Senior Executive Officer, Public Lighting


Business Referred from the Council


Councillor L. McCarthy - Cyclists Speeding - Referred from Dundrum Area Committee Meeting

“That the Chief Executive would please consider how we can create awareness around cyclists speeding on our rural roads following many complaints of near misses from residents exiting their homes.”



Business Referred from Corporate Policy Group

(if any, to be circulated)



(if any, to be circulated)


Current Work Programme


Councillor Carrie Smyth - Report on how network of Cycleways and Greenways infrastructure will be maintained into the future


Councillor Maeve O'Connell- Travelling in a Woman's Shoes

That this Strategic Policy Committee review the TII 2020 report Travelling in a Woman’s Shoes, discuss policy implications & make recommendations for DLR CoCo transport policy [link: ]



Mr. Aaron Moore- Parking warden deployment

The timing and location of parking warden deployment may not necessarily align with incidents and concentrations of parking infractions. To this end, the Council should consider an update to (or addition of) a policy on the management of parking enforcement to ensure efficient use of available resources. Such a policy should specify both strategic and tactical elements, such as

o   Strategically adjusting resource allocation for seasonal factors (i.e. coastal areas during the summer months, areas where public events are taking place)

o   Tactically utilising real-time informational: mobility data to identify where traffic is concentrating, weather forecasts to predict where    parking demand will outstrip supply, leading to illegal parking



Ms. Emma Cahill - The separation of pedestrian/cycle path particularly on the long linear stretches in Blackrock Park

Possibly copy the same piece of metal work on Old Dun Leary Road?  The lane switchover needs to be reviewed and marked as to who is to yield to who (nobody seems to understand its purpose).


Future Work Programme - Items for Consideration for Future Work Programme


Mr. Gregory Alken - To set up a sub-committee

In the absence of the ideal public consultation is it possible to set up a sub-committee to deal with the marginalisation of various groups who have been adversely affected by the transportation works that have been carried out in emergency powers/legislation?


Committee to be concerned with


·       Those who cannot cycle

·       People who struggle to way find

·       Delays to emergency vehicles (Topical on the national airways “Joe Duffy”)

·       Lack of efficient Public Transport

·       Restricted access to St. Michael’s Hospital

·       Residents who have extra distances to shop effectively

·       Minimal traffic causing undue traffic jams

·       Increased journey times increasing costs

·       Business suffering downturn in sales (Threatens local employment)

·       Was it necessary to introduce the one way vehicular system in such an aggressive manner?

Clontarf appears to have been a smoother and more inclusive delivery of cycle ways.

Sandymount now in the High Court



Ms. Emma Cahill - DLR Bike Add Stands

Where DLR add bike stands would they consider copying Barcelona’s bike stands (see images attached).  Simply put; 1 car = 10 bikes.  The signage does not have to be as elaborate/expensive as what they have done, but something similar may be feasible.




Mr. Aaron Moore - Incentivise more sustainable commuting

To incentivise the use of more sustainable commuting, can the management consider the removal of the “all-day” fee structure from DLRCC pay-parking zones, and failing that, eliminate variations so that the highest fee allowable is always charged (for example I have observed a €6 for all-day parking charge for a DLR managed car-park right next to a €10 all-day parking charge for DLR on street parking.) A maximum time limit for DLRCC operated pay-parking should be considered in all cases (for example up to a maximum of 3 hours.)



Any other Business