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Pages 50 and 51: 12. Site Development Frameworks, (ii)Site Development Framework: Kilgobbin

The following summary of submission received was CONSIDERED:


“Submission relates to Oldtown House (a Protected Structure), its associated curtilage, and undeveloped greenfield/agricultural lands immediately to the east of the property. The submission supports the density bands proposed in the Site Development Framework.


The submission notes that Oldtown House has existing vehicular access onto Kilgobbin Road and submits that development at the ‘core’ Oldtown House curtilage should be allowed to avail of that existing access, subject to detailed design and assessment of the

use of same. Submission seeks to have same recognised through text and illustrations in the Site Development Framework.


Notes that the indicative alignment of the Loop Road in Figure 12.8 is not consistent with the alignment indicated in the County Development Plan Zoning Map 6 and submits that the alignment should be closer to that identified in the County Development Plan, which has regard to archaeological features in the area. The submission includes a diagram suggesting proposed re-alignment.


The submission welcomes indication on Figure 12.8 of accesses from the Loop Road to adjoining development sites. Recommends inclusion of narrative to include requirement for road connections to be provided to serve development of the subject site.”


The following Response and Recommendation of the Executive was CONSIDERED:


Oldtown House is but one of a number of individual properties in the BELAP area accessing directly onto Kilgobbin Road. It would be inappropriate to afford Oldtown House and adjacent lands some special status in relation to the Site Development Framework regarding access arrangements. The most appropriate and optimum access

arrangement for these lands is set out in the Kilgobbin Site Development Framework (Section 12) that states ‘Vehicular access for all new residential development within the SDF will be provided via the Loop Road and/or its feeder routes.’. Regard should also be had to the 2016-2022 County Development Plan ‘Long Term Road Objective’ to retain Kilgobbin Road, between Ballyogan Road and Kilgobbin Lane, ‘…as an attractive ‘country’ road’.


All County Development Plan Maps include quite clear caveats that any road proposals shown are indicative only and could be subject to change/amendments as detailed design is advanced. The Loop Road alignment shown in the current 2016-2022 County Development Plan is effectively a legacy from the non-statutory Stepaside Action Area Plan (SAAP) drafted in 1999 prior to the publication of the Planning and Development Act 2000, which introduced for the first time, statutory Local Area Plans. The alignment shown in the SAAP was extremely notional and without the benefit of topographical or engineering analysis and was simply shown to embed the principle of there being two signal controlled junctions on the Ballyogan Road with a loop road connecting both to facilitate shared loading at the junctions and to provide options in terms of emergency access. It is acknowledged, however, that Figures 12.4 and 12.8 do not include a caveat similar to that contained in the County Development Plan, and it is thus recommended that the Draft Plan be amended to reflect same.


In relation to providing supplementary narrative in relation to the proposed key vehicular access routes from the Loop Road this is considered unnecessary. Figure 12.8 is quite transparent in its intent in this regard.



Amend the Draft Plan as follows:


Add the following text the legend of Figures 12.4 and 12.8:

The lines of the road proposals shown are indicative only and may be subject to change as detailed design is advanced.


A discussion took place during which Ms. M. Henchy, Director of Planning and Human Resources, responded to Members queries.


The Executive’s Response and Recommendation on pages 50 and 51 was AGREED.